Profile Frame Disc Ploughs-PDP


This machine is mounted to tractorÔÇÖs hydraulic lifting unit and universal three point linkage system. Profile frame disc plough is manufactured with 120├Ś120 mm profile frame as 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 discs. 660├Ś6 mm or 710├Ś6 mm diameter discs are made with 50-52 rh hardness corrosion-proof steel and resistance to cracking. The discs can be adjusted according to the soil conditions by means of position and direction angle. Disc ploughs have different features from moldboard ploughs. Due to rotational movement of the discs, the tractor tows the machine easily and enables fuel saving. Round frame disc ploughs are used for cultivating of stubbly and fallowing soil, mulching the soil, preparing the seed bed, controlling the weeds and diseases, putting the fertilizer, herbicide and stubble in the soil, decreasing the wind and water erosion and leaving the rainwater on the field.


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